Watch Out for These Local Brands in 2022

Best Local Lithuanian Brands

In the digital universe, there are myriads of brands with their sleek designs and Instagram-worthy products to choose from. When shopping, I always tend to start by exploring what local Lithuanian brands have to offer. And if I can get my hands on a product or service that suits my needs, I will. 

Throughout the colder months, I’ve been skimming through Instagram profiles and websites of various Lithuanian brands, so you don’t have to. I took note of the companies and personal brands, which I either continuously use, admire or newly discovered. 

So, let’s take a look at the most exciting local lifestyle brands to follow in 2022, ranging from jewellery to home décor. Or more so, to watch out for and see what they are up to—new collections, skin care regimes, fashion statements, and tons more.



My love for emerging names in fashion is immense. Lithuanian clothing brands have collectively levelled up, from their beautifully infused Nordic looks to original sets with bold colours, patterns and combinations. It gets even better, as an increasing number of businesses are also leading the way in becoming more environmentally conscious.

Más 924 has been as bold as ever by amping up the concept designs in every single one of their collections.  When shopping for a whole outfit in one go, the V2 CONCEPT STORE never ceases to amaze me. I was a huge fan of their store on Dominikonų street. However, they also have a convenient online store and opened a new location.

Fashionistas can find more eye candy at Flow Femme. Offering a fully-fledged modern wardrobe, of which I’m especially fond of their tops and cardigans. The brand also focuses on slow fashion, ethical produce and long-lasting designs. Another high standard-bearer is Atella, full of chic and blithe silhouettes.

Not sure what you want yet? LOCALS.LT is likely to have it. I have my essential trio there: coats, candles and bracelets. But surely, everyone will find something there for themselves, especially with their wide Lithuanian producer selection.


Even though summer is months away, you can still get a few bikinis in advance. My love-at-first-sight is M A K A R A W E A R. Creating swimwear for all shapes and sizes, made out of recycled material, used for their bold designs together with some original surf-like cuts. And Lèss on me gives off some goddess vibes with their hand-made minimalistic bikinis.


In my opinion, accessories are what compliments the look, excluding shoes and actual clothing. I even consulted with Google search on this one, but in its results, jackets and footwear were included. 

We can agree to disagree here. Fashion-educated people, let me know your thoughts. Meanwhile, my attention goes to jewellery and bags. While shoes deserve to be honoured in a separate category.



I’ve seen their stunning and edgy leather creations being worn around town, yet I never knew that they were made by Pykok. kARTu is another women’s handbag brand worth noting, with goods suitable for casual and fancier occasions. The brand combines well quality and elegance in a modern twist.

And Distyled is not a newbie on this block. Their bags with urban notes and even somewhat industrial touches are all a city dweller could want in 2022.


After living in Copenhagen, my love for jewellery has deepened. The affair continues while living in Vilnius. Many of these labels could easily compete for their quality and appearance with some bigger, global names.

Looking for a dainty necklace and pearl earrings? Miutto has you covered. For those fond of unique and even futuristic designs, Sodafutura and Martinėlis & Co have a lot to offer, though for different budgets.

Simona’s personality permeates her work as a jewellery designer. All of her pieces are so subtle and elegant making it an easy choice for an everyday accessory. Formés effortlessly leaps on the list too, due to its sustainable mindset and eclectic designs.

Aka Jewellery welcomes you with statement pieces of all sorts. They come across as nothing less than sharp, modern and trendsetting. CELSIUS 273 is the primary option if you like its brutal flair, rigid shapes and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. I find nothing more thrilling than discovering a sassy and high-quality set of boots and Maslaus over-delivers. Also, the brand’s history of being a family-run generational business is worth a story in its own right.

House of Naive was known to me as a chocolate lover, and yet they sell all sorts of things, including shoes. Maybe I was living under a rock, but now their Dreamer ankle boots are on my to-buy list.



Crème de la Crème is known for its luxurious perfumes and for bringing some exclusive names to the country. Though not locally produced they’re still a Lithuanian store. Their label also offers some carefully selected items, including my beloved makeup brands like By Terry.


I’ve always taken a less-is-more approach to my beauty routine. With the emphasis being on the quality and all-natural ingredients. 

In 2022, a promising brand which I’m excited to try out is Kosmokos. In particular, their body care line. Right away, you can sense how much care they put into everything they do, especially their chosen products and strong principles. The same goes for Equa and the ingredients they use. I’ve been eyeing their soaps and shower gels for quite some time.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for well-branded packaging, and Math is delivering it beautifully. Personally, I’m a fan of their deep cleansing wash gel. And they recently had a Christmassy offer where you buy one and get another product for free.

One thing I used to miss is the variety of products and supplements readily available in Scandinavia. That was until I found out about Molecule. From collagen and vitamins to serums and sunscreen sprays, one can find a well-rounded selection.

Besides skin and body related items, I enjoy learning about care and regiments in small nuggets of wisdom, the way Odos Ministerija does. Though her content is in Lithuanian.



Since last year, I’ve found myself really interested in ceramic work and glass art. Naturally, I went on hunting mode to see what local creators have to offer. For me, some splendid and interesting hand-made ceramic works are made by Ernesta Ceramics and By Gureviciute. Their crafted items will not only make your routines at homes aesthetically pleasing but will also add some character.

Now let’s talk about furniture and some other items to cosy up your space. Starting off with Object Do and Collectophile, their social feeds and finds are always something like a treasure hunt to me.

As a music enthusiast, I was also excited to find what Phono has on their listing. In their store, you can find some selective phonograph records, furniture items and Bluetooth speakers. Oh, and If you’re an expert in vinyl, don’t hesitate to share your expertise with me.


Ready to level up your interior? Carol Home will help you out. I could spend hours on end at their shop. A newly-found gem is Minimalistas, whose store speaks to my minimalist heart.

Carol Home

For some home inspiration, check out D|STYLE and Namai Objektai. If you want some higher-end pieces, head to a Vilnius-based store called LIU•JO. Looking for some hands-on help with your living space? Šilta Šiaurė is on my radar.

Plants & Flowers

An inseparable part of the home atmosphere is plants, with flowers and bouquets also in this category. Whether it’s an event or your own room, you can add some floral touches with the help of Nothing but flowers, Kvietkos or Pievoj Pievoj. And Esea is like a hub of all things pretty, from flowers to pottery.

Recently, I came across Buketai, which seems to be the perfect place to gift someone a bouquet or do it for yourself. Then there is Aiku Floral, transmuting flower arrangement into pure art. I could scroll their feed endlessly as Aiku’s stunning creations are worthy of nothing less than a magazine cover.


If you’re a book geek like myself, a home is unimaginable without them. Someone’s library can say a lot about them. So, this part is dedicated to written words but not limited to a printed format. 

As a digital magazine, Lamų Slėnis covers a diverse set of topics, most about inspiring people, places and objects. Another read Destination Minimal, introduces you in a well-digested manner to Lithuanian fashion creators. Whereas Cikados, with cultural narrative at the forefront, invites you to flip through their lighthearted digital pages. 

Dvi Tylos

For literature lovers, here’s a Lithuanian publisher hosting many brilliant and limited-edition reads: Lapas. And Dvi Tylos ticks two boxes of publishing, covering reads that are conceptually and visually beautiful. Finally, a quirky and heartfelt second-hand and new books store in Užupis, Keistoteka, is definitely a match to the neighbourhood’s spirit and is worth checking out. 


Do you have a local brand that you love and support? Let us know the name and why you adore them in the comments below.

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