How to Maintain Your Emotional Health in the Midst of Changes

how to take care of your emotional health during life's chages

Life is an ever-changing stream of events, people and experiences. Nothing in our lives is certain except for the uncertainty itself. To avoid constant changes, we sometimes cling onto things that no longer serve us, just to remain the same way.

Whether we want to escape people or situations that trigger us—what if instead of resisting, you embraced them? For most of us, it’s the resistance itself that creates inner conflict and turmoil.

When you start trusting in the way life is unfolding, that it knows what you need best to become a new version of yourself, then the fear of the unknown is replaced with curiosity and ease. But how can you apply all this into your daily life?

In today’s interview, Vilhelmina Ivanauskaite shares with us some proven ways to bring balance into your every day and enhance your sense of self. Vilhelmina is a vastly experienced psychologist, hypnotherapist, and mindfulness practitioner.

She has lived and studied in places all around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia. For over two decades, Vilhelmina has also dedicated herself to learning more about spiritual practices and things beyond what meets the eye.

VP: Tell us a bit yourself—what’s your background?

Vilhelmina: Since I was a child, I’ve had a dream to help people. My dream came true, but in a much more meaningful way than I ever thought possible. All my life I have studied, improved, practised and then worked by applying the new knowledge because everything moves forward and you evolve.

Vilhelmina Ivanauskaite psychologist and hypnotherapist in Vilnius

Already at the age of 15, I mastered autogenous training and later studied the art of Tarot cards, with which I have been working for about 30 years. When it comes to life, I view it as a continuous process of creation and development of oneself and our capabilities, as well as accumulating knowledge and then applying it to help others.

I look at every situation as a whole, profoundly and comprehensively. When working with people, I look for the real reason, because only by finding the root of the problem can one talk about the actual state and achieve healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Alongside traditional psychology practices, I also use many great tools to help me.  Some of them are meditation, yoga, sound therapy, hypnosis, art therapy, arithmetic astrology of numbers, and Tarot cards. I have also created a deck and its artwork myself to correspond to the work I do.

VP: What is the foundational element to maintain your emotional wellbeing?

Vilhelmina: The way you start your morning, sets the tone for the rest of the day. So the main element here is setting the foundation for your state of mind and that is your morning meditation. Meditation practice can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour, including some conscious breathing.

VP: Why do people tend to struggle in times of uncertainty and changes? 

Vilhelmina: I find that often the underlying cause is the lack of safety (for example, fears in regards to financial stability or lack of income). Another possibility could be the sense of competition and trying to secure one’s place in the social realm as quickly as possible to achieve status and authority. Also, the pursuit of love plays a role here as we all engage in it but not always perceive the process consciously.

VP: What daily habits or lifestyle changes would you recommend?

Vilhelmina: Start your morning with meditation, then for breakfast, have some fresh fruit. Every day take a walk in the fresh air for half an hour or so, and engage in a diet of thoughts (observe your thoughts and seek awareness by choosing to think more positively, without any evaluation or criticism of yourself and others.)

VP: Do you have and follow a certain philosophy in life?

Vilhelmina: To live in harmony with all creation.

VP: Last but not least—what can people expect from a healing session with you? 

Vilhelmina: During a session, I seek to elevate a person’s vital energy (his or her inner nature) so that their body heals itself. We all have inexhaustible inner resources within us.

I’m just helping to find it. I work with all sorts of problems that shorten life, so I support and guide people in becoming centred, finding balance and making their existence easier as much as possible. For that, I use various techniques, from hypnotherapy, art therapy (movement, image, sound, smell) to Tarot cards (for diagnostics).

VP: Thank you, Vilhelmina, for sharing your wisdom and recommendations. For those of you, who feel struggling and you’re in the need of help, you can reach Vilhelmina via Facebook or give her a call directly at +37061287939.

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