What’s Every Day Like as a Jewellery Designer

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I never liked fast fashion, or fast anything, to be honest. Not because there’s something innately wrong with brands being able to quickly respond to the hottest trends and customer demands, but goods produced this way feel like they lack intention and often, quality too. 

When you purchase clothing or accessories, created from start to finish by a craftsman, this adds a different kind of value to the wearable item. Just the mere knowledge of how much skill, emotion and attention was put into its creation—from sketching out ideas to the physical appearance—makes it so much more special and soulful. 

Photos courtesy of Karolis Čivinskas

To get some insight into what it’s like to create jewellery every day, I invited Simona Samajauskaite to share her story.

VP: How long have you been in the jewellery-making business?

Simona: For the past 5 years, I’ve been working as a jeweller and designer. During that time, I’ve created three collections and I’m currently working on the fourth one, which is due to be launched in the spring or summer time. 

I create and make jewellery, combining some of the oldest jewellery techniques and using some of the latest technologies. The materials I work with are silver and 18k gold, pearls and diamonds. 

Jewellery making in the process

VP: How did you come up with the idea of making jewellery pieces?

Simona: I used to think that I had chosen jewellery making, but the more I contemplate and revisit my memories, it feels as though the craft chose me. Time after time, it made small steps into my life until the craft solidified as my career path. 

I come from a family who has been involved in floristry for decades, so nature’s beauty and aesthetics have surrounded me since my childhood. Also, I saw how much work was required on a daily basis to keep the family business running. 

Simona Samajauskaite studio

As a teenager, I started working as a model, and this was another influence on how I perceive beauty. The job in the fashion industry not only introduced me to the latest trends but also to the behind the scenes of this business, and how everything is being run there. 

VP: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Simona: Nature is the driving element of my inspiration. It also provides space where I can sit quietly with my thoughts, just by myself. Withdrawing from the city has been a form of recreation for me. 

When there’s no hustle and bustle of the city and no constant running. During this time, when I’m away, I generate ideas, and when I’m back in town—I implement them. 

Simona samajauskaite jewellery designer based in Vilnius Lithuania

Another source of inspiration for me is the materials I work with. I take great responsibility in working with precious metals and gems. Things like metal, colour, stones, or the shape of the pearl are so important too, and they also tend to dictate collections.

VP: Who do you have in mind when creating your jewellery?

Simona: I think the most important thing is to create a piece of jewellery for yourself and the people whom you admire. When I create, I always start with what I would personally wear and what piece I would like to have. I also create for people who surround me, such as my friends who have a great taste. They are loyal fans of my work. 

Photo courtesy of Rokas Darulis

VP: What’s the most memorable piece of jewellery you have made yourself or received as a gift?

Simona: The most special jewellery, like other things, is the one that has a personal touch and evokes feelings. For me, that’s the case with the ring my boyfriend gave me as a present. He went from Lithuania all the way to Copenhagen for a ring. Then he took it to Istanbul, where I lived at the time. This ring will always remind me of our crazy, spontaneous journeys—like the one this ring had. 

VP: What are some of your favourite jewellery designers?

Simona: There are a few Lithuanian jewellery makers, who’s work I admire as well as their approach when it comes to the craft itself. They are Silvijus Martinėlis, Tauras Blaževičius, and Dominykas Vakrinas, who’s from my hometown, Marijampolė, and still lives and works there. Generally speaking, I like the jewellery work of Scandinavians, French and Italians.

VP: What tendencies have you noticed among Lithuanian women and what advice would you give them?

Simona: I have noticed that we’ve been taking big leaps towards conscious buying. Like, it’s better to owe one or two pieces, but they will be quality and hand-made. And that the yellow gold is very popular, and it’s also my favourite material and colour. 

handmade pearl ring

I would advise to not be afraid to wear diamonds and pearls every day. If it’s a clean-design piece, it will suit your everyday work attire. 

VP: Where can we find you in the digital sphere?

Simona:  There are several places: if you want to connect, you can do so on Instagram or Facebook. For purchasing, head over to my online shop

VP: Thank you, Simona, for sharing your jewellery-making journey.

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