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Exploring Tallinn’s Christmas Market

Christmas market in tallinn 2023

From Christmas traditions in Lithuania to the Vilnius Christmas market, the winter holidays are a special time to experience the country. However, if you come all the way to the Baltics, you may as well see what Riga and Tallinn have to offer. The latter is the coziest of all if you ask me, though relatively small in size.

What to expect

Tallinn’s Christmas Market is located at the Town Hall Square, starting on the 1st of December and lasting until the 7th of January. Fairy lights and Christmassy tunes, local delicacies and hand-made crafts, cute wooden kiosk stalls, and hot glög of different flavors — all of it packs the perfect festive and cozy atmosphere. 

For optimum Christmas cheer, check out the market on a Thursday, as it gets too crowded over the weekend. The market will likely not take longer than an hour or two, so check out if any performances are taking place during your visit. Otherwise, make it a part of your Tallinn Old Town tour. 

How to get there

When it comes to means of transportation, my personal preference is road trips to neighboring countries. You can start from Tallinn, head to Riga, and then Vilnius or vice versa. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus or book a convenient one-hour flight via AirBaltic. 

Let me know which market is your favourite out of the three. See you in 2024!

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