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5 Cosy Christmas Spots in Vilnius

Christmas sights

There’s no secret that we’re slightly obsessed about this time of the year. And I’m using the word slightly rather loosely. Whether it’s Christmas trees, markets or our hearty traditions, December is when you want to explore the winter tale Vilnius is in this season.

Make sure to layer up for this one! You’ll be spending your time outdoors to visit all five Christmas spots in Vilnius. Tip: You can also catch the Christmas train, so you can view all the decorations and markets in town in one go.

Town Hall Square 

Visit Town Hall (Rotušė) Square, and you’ll stumble right into the epicentre of a magical winter wonderland. Small in size, yet it’s packed with Christmas pleasures. For years in a row, the city has put out a spectacular Christmas tree that gets the press talking. Even though the main tree is located next to the Cathedral, Rotušė’s square has some extra cosiness about it.

Photo courtesy of Milda Vyšniauskaitė

Stikliai Street

Start your walk from Dominikonų st. all the way to the Town Hall. Meanwhile, admire all that Stikliai street has to offer on your way. For one, this street is rich in history. It also has numerous cosy cafés, bars and shops. But above all, the Christmas decorations there are something right out of a winter fairytale!

Senatorių Pasažas

Tucked in the heart of the old town, this historical courtyard hosts a few restaurants, a wine bar, a bakery and stores, all of which are worth visiting. Known for their gastronomic experiences and organic produce, Sanatorių Pasažas invites everyone to their own winter escape—Christmas tree, myriads of string lights, and Rudolph awaiting for you!

Ice Skate Rink

Grab your skates and head towards the White bridge. For active folks, the outdoor ice-rink is where you can attend skiing sessions and events. Surrounded by tribunes, the rink has an outdoor café and a temporary roof, so no weather interruptions! The best part is that it will be operating every day almost until midnight and throughout the wintertime.

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