Kankorezis: From a Pine Cone to Modern Pieces of Furniture

kitchen furniture by a Lithuanian company

Are you at a café or perhaps your living room? Whichever space you’re in, there’s one thing likely to be in common—furniture. Some pieces require complex engineering, and others catch your eye because of their elegant design. 

Whether it’s a functional work desk or a classic armchair, every piece was created by someone. To find out more about home décor and custom furniture, Aušra and Arnas, the creators of Lithuanian-based company Kankorėžis, share how the company took shape and step by step, evolved into a furniture-making business.

Furniture making business Kankorezis

VP: What’s the story behind Kankorėžis? 

Aušra: As a business, Kankorėžis (eng. Pinecone) grew little by little. For many years, Arnas worked at a company supplying materials for furniture production. He had all the necessary knowledge about diverse materials and their use.

Over time, our curiosity and interest in furniture production kept on growing, and it was also influenced by the desire to put all the theoretical knowledge into practice. We made several pieces of furniture for ourselves and our close ones, and because we were brimming with ideas and desired to bring more of them to life, the circle of customers started to expand organically.

Knowing what a skilful specialist Arnas’s former colleague is, we persuaded him to join us. From that point, everything just started rolling. There was only one fateful step left—to open our business. So we did. After opening the company, we left our jobs at the time and dived straight into starting Kankorėžis.

VP: What can a first-time buyer expect from working with your team? 

Aušra: For us, the focus is on quality, ergonomics and aesthetics. We strive to create the ideal home for our clients, emphasising two aspects—usability and visual appeal. 

Our work involves designing and manufacturing furniture, and although we collaborate with architects and designers, the client will receive all the answers directly from us. As our specialities are fittings, ergonomics and materials used in furniture, we have a lot to share about these topics. They tie into creating home décor, which we also do. 

When choosing the inside or appearance of furniture, following the latest emerging trends is a must. So far, our experience has shown that customers tend to primarily follow the desired style and image rather than solely the price tag. All this makes it much easier to find the desired outcome. We do like a challenge too, so new projects give us motivation and serve as a step in the learning process.

VP: Do you have any tips for someone who wants to renew their home space? 

Aušra: Living space has an impact on a person’s well-being and state of mind. Feeling positive about the furniture you surround yourself with is vital to the overall ambience. However, it is as equally important to remember that furniture serves a person and not the other way around. 

Soft decor by Kanzkorezis company

A comfortable and well-thought-through furniture layout will make your everyday life easier, and the right colours, surfaces and decors will create a mood and character for your home. It is not worth choosing difficult-to-maintain surfaces if you are not a person who likes order and you’re not planning on spending lots of time on care and maintenance. 

If you spend a lot of time at home, and you often cook for yourself, take the time to plan the interior layout of the furniture. As it is worth taking advantage of the variety of mechanisms and fittings available today to help make your daily make your life much easier.

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