Why Pole Dancing Will Help You Reclaim Your Power

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Last year I confessed to myself: I was so out of tune with my body. I was always in a rush, so up in my head. Life revolved only around work and gym. And yet, despite being physically strong, I felt like I had lost touch with my bodily sensations. There was this suppressed need for a different, untamed kind of movement. 

As 2019 started, I made a commitment to myself—to bring creativity and self-expression into my life. Singing and dancing used to be significant parts of my life, so I wanted to revive them. While looking for the right option, I discovered that pole dancing is a powerful way to help you get out of your head and back into your body. 

To help me convey what I had in mind, I interviewed two amazing women, co-founders of a pole dancing studio in Vilnius called Flame. 

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VP: What’s the story behind Flame and its concept?

Deimante: To backtrack and give you a little background introduction to pole dancing⁠—it can be considered as a type of acrobatics, combining strength, femininity, dance and flexibility.

The beauty of pole dancing is that everyone can practise it regardless of age, weight or previous athletic experience. As there’s no preparation required, you’ll be improving and becoming stronger as you go, with every single class you take.

Lolita and I became friends through our shared passion for pole dancing. We met while she was working as a pole dancing instructor at one of the studios in Vilnius. After my pregnancy, I was looking for ways to get back in shape and was eager to get back into practice after a one-year break.

Lolita ignited the desire to dance again, that’s one of her talents⁠—motivating others and finding the right way to do so. As the story goes, she persuaded me to prepare a solo performance.

Lolita pole dancing instructor

While working on the routine, we became close friends and naturally started sharing our dreams and future aspirations. We clicked instantaneously and also realised that we have common goals, so there was no other way, then to make things happen.

Both of our backgrounds and personal experiences were complimenting each other and made it the perfect fit for a studio opening. I spent over a decade working in various office jobs and I never dreamed of being an instructor myself.

But I simply loved pole dancing and wanted to help others discover it. Lolita’s story is the polar opposite⁠—she’s not only a professional pole dance instructor but also a certified gym trainer.

Once the decision was made to open our studio, the real rollercoaster ride had begun. We found amazing premises, but they were in terrible conditions. When I say terrible, it’s an understatement.

However, we saw a lot of potential in the facilities and our mantra kept us going: everything can be accomplished if you don’t seek an easy escape. We opened the doors on the 28th of May 2019.

VP: What has each of you personally found in pole dancing?

Lolita: When dancing, you rediscover self-confidence. There are no two identical classes, and you’ll always be challenged. As a sport, practising pole merges strength, flexibility and rhythmic movement.

It also brings this feminine aspect into the play. There are no limitations as to when and how you should start. From years of experience, pole dancing can also heal and provide a new perspective towards yourself.

Lolita pole dancer

Deimante: I’m captivated by pole dancing, not only due to the physical benefits it brings as a branch of sports. Once you start practising, you become part of the close-knit and supportive community of other dancers. Suddenly, you catch yourself transformed. Then pole dancing becomes a way of life and you start filling in your spare time with practices. 

Another reason is that none of the other sports I tried like, say, aerobics or figure skating, gave me so much confidence as pole dancing did. You become so in tune with yourself and with time, it’s like you shed an old skin, composed of stereotypes and complexes. And, of course, you become physically fit and strong as you engage your entire body.

VP: What can first-timers expect when they come to Flame?

Deimante: I remember so vividly when I got back home after my first session and the first thing I told my husband was: “I wasted 30 years of my life…”. For this reason, my advice is: your fears and hesitations are all in your mind, and they are very likely to vanish with your first class. No one cares how your shorts look like, how old you are and whether you’ve gained or lost a few kilos. 

So I can promise you one thing: you’ll be surprised by the magnetic atmosphere a community of women can create. Our girls at Flame can confirm that our place feels more like home than a studio. Throughout dancing, you’ll have heaps of fun and feel stunned by what your body is capable of.

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At Flame, we do things a bit differently. You’re not obliged to attend the same classes and be part of one group. Our schedule is very dynamic and flexible. The sessions are categorised according to levels, so you can mix and match your favourite classes when it’s the most convenient for you. 

To make things easier, we have an online system, so you can reserve classes, see timetables and purchase memberships. We value quality and attention above everything else, so once you pass the intro programme, you’ll have a pole just for yourself. This means that there’s a limited number of dancers per class.

VP: What is the average cost per class? Does one need to make a booking in advance and if so, what is the best way to do it?

Deimante: The first visit is free of charge. We want to give future members time to decide and ‘feel out’ whether pole dancing is really for them. Registration is mandatory, so the easiest way to book your first time is via Facebook. Send us a message with your first and last name, email and phone number. 

Our intro programme created for new-comers costs 50 Euro and is valid for one month. The membership provides you with access to 10 sessions that can be chosen from Pole Intro, Exotic Intro and Splits.

Group performance at a pole dance studio

VP: Share 3 pole dancing tips with us:

  1. Never compare yourself with others. The only person you should be competing with is yourself—gradually becoming a better version of yourself and improving with every class. 
  2. Strike out and leave all the stereotypes that you have ever heard on the dancefloor, and empty your mind. 
  3. Enjoy the learning process and do not expect quick results. Give yourself time to make progress, so maintain motivation along the way. 

VP: Where can we find you in the digital sphere?

Our website: Also, Facebook as mentioned above or Instagram.

VP: Deimante and Lolita⁠—thank you for sharing your experiences and putting your love for pole dancing into words.

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