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Which are the Best Beauty Salons in Vilnius

Sorry, guys, but this post is dedicated to our lovely female audience. To those ladies who are pit stopping in the capital for longer periods or for those of you who have moved here permanently, you might be wondering, what are the best beauty salons in Vilnius, where to find information in English and what type of treatments are available.

Waxing procedure in Vilnius

While collecting my own recommendations as well as suggestions made by others, what was to be a simple write-up snowballed into an insider’s guide to discovering the top beauty hotspots in Vilnius.

So whether you want a blow-dry or a quick trim, a full-on evening makeup, a manicure or a skin care procedure, here’s a roundup of some of the top beauty salons in Vilnius. And for those on a tight budget, we finish this entry with a tip on how to find a beautician to match both your needs and wallet.

City Wax

Let me tell you, no one looks forward to getting waxed, but City Wax is a game changer. Located on Gediminas Avenue, the salon is the ultimate spot for getting your waxing and nails done. It is truly rare to find a team who pays such exceptional attention to every detail as they do at City Wax.

City Wax beauty salon in Vilnius city centre

While all of the salon’s treatments are equally splendid, it’s the beautifully-named pedicures like Grafaitė that you simply can’t miss out on. And their manicures include some of the most intricate designs out there.


Instagram: @citywaxvilnius

Address: Gedimino pr. 35, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania

GK Klinika

When I used to mention various skin issues I had, GK clinic came up as highly regarded on more than several occasions. The place provides innovative surgical and nonsurgical procedures in a more clinical environment in comparison to other venues.

Even though it can be ranked on the more expensive side of our list, in return, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive top-quality services. From plastic surgery to laser procedures, you’ll be in meticulous and experienced hands, whatever you choose.


Facebook: @GKklinika

Address: Gedimino pr. 14, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania

Studio M

Studio M is arguably one of the most Instagrammable salons in Vilnius. The beauty hub is so chic that it feels more like a luxurious apartment that you really, really don’t want to leave.

Studio M salon in Vilnius

So if you’re looking for a professional glam squad that can handle even the fanciest of occasions on your calendar, this is your salon. Frankly, I doubt I’ve ever come across a negative comment about this place.


Instagram: @studiombymilita

Address: A. Smetonos g. 4-17, Vilnius, Lithuania

Smilga Beauty Lab

In need of perfecting your eyebrows but have no idea where to go?Smilga Beauty Lab is a beauty salon and a makeup academy. They also have an extended list of services, including hairdressing, skin care, and more.

Above all the services mentioned, I’d like to compliment one practitioner in particular—Vėtra. This girl is a manicure and eyebrow guru all in one. Her cute cabinet is a must-visit for a perfectly polished manicure at a reasonable price.


Facebook: @VetraBeautyMaker

Address: Vilniaus g. 10, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania

Mad Beauty Squad

Much like its name, Mad Beauty Squad is a salon full of quirk and personality. Among many services, the salon features a roster of very talented cutters and colourists. So if you want to get your locks dipped in some of the brightest shades, then these colour wizards are here to help. How? True magicians never reveal their secrets.

Mad Beauty Squad salon in Vilnius


Instagram: @madbeautysquad

Address: Basanavičiaus g. 11, LT-03108 Vilnius, Lithuania

New Skin Image House

If you’re looking for a one-stop beauty destination, it’s about time New Skin Image House appears on your radar. Located just a few minutes away from the bastion, this small, personable and cosy destination offers haircuts, makeup lessons, and so much more.

New Skin Image house salon in Vilnius

This spot also hosts a semi-boutique filled with various items produced primarily by Lithuanian designers. You can find whatever your heart desires, whether you’re in the mood for a trendy piece or some contemporary jewellery.

Facebook: @newskinimagehouse

Instagram: @newskinimagehouse

Address: Bokšto g. 19 LT-01126 Vilnius, Lithuania


Looking for a top-notch haircut? The UFF salon is famous for being, well, nothing short of awesome, really. And there are so many reasons for such a bold statement.

From clients being greeted like old friends to hairdressers treating your hair like a painter’s canvas, every time the salon creates not only a memorable look but a welcoming experience too. Even though they provide quite a few different and praise-worthy beauty services, hairdressing is their true superpower.

Facebook: @uffieciai

Instagram: @uffieciai

Address: Literatų g. 7, LT-01125 Vilnius, Lithuania, and Gynėjų g. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania

Make My Day

What can be better than combing full-scale pampering and a beauty item shopping spree? Some know Make My Day well for distributing quality decorative cosmetics, but that’s only one part of the story.

Make my day beauty studio in Vilnius

Make My Day is also a makeup studio where clients can enjoy everything from brow and eyelash to manicure and hair beauty treatments. Stylish, relaxing and always with gifted professionals, the studio can be found on Olimpiečių street.



Address: Olimpiečių g. 3, LT-09200 and Gedimino pr. 9, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania

Kukla Beauty Box

This image house was opened by two established local stylists, Agne Gilyte and Kestutis Rimdzius. Kukla Beauty Box takes care of it all, from creating immaculate makeups and refined hairstyles to assisting with one’s style choices.

So the sky’s the limit at Kukla Beauty Box, and the results are unsurprisingly flawless. In case you don’t believe me, have a scroll on their Instagram feed yourself.


Instagram: @kukla_beauty_box

Address:  Didžioji g. 28, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania


Whether your skin or hair is in need of a long-lasting recovery or you just simply want to spoil yourself, Gatineau is all about getting desirable results. No surprise that the salon prides itself on its highly professional staff and loyal customer base. Returning clients year after year is the only testimonial you’ll need.

Gatineau beauty salon in Vilnius

Ready for a serious change? Gatineau also does head-to-toe makeovers. Think sophisticated yet trendy, this salon manages to offer the perfect mix of both for your look.


Instagram: @gatineau_beauty_salon

Address: Totorių g. 19 LT-01121 Vilnius, Lithuania

As promised, here’s a top tip for all you bargain hunters. This Facebook group is a place where you can share what you’re looking for and often receive much cheaper and individualised offers from various beauty gurus.

Oh, and before we part ways, if you have a beauty professional that you love or recommend, don’t keep them to yourself, share with us in the comments below!

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