The Best 3 Gyms in Vilnius For a Great Workout

Gyms in Vilnius

It’s that time of the year when you realise that if you want to get in shape and have that summer body before June creeps in, your New Year’s resolutions have to be taken seriously. But to achieve that, you want to choose a gym or a fitness studio that you look forward to going to.

top best gyms in Vilnius Lithuania

When choosing a spot for my workout sessions, I have only one yet important condition: it either has to be a few minutes away from my home or office, or it has to be worth the commute. Willpower is an admirable feature, but having a gym close by just makes things so much easier and leaves next to no room for excuses.

where to work out in vilnius

How to ensure you’re still showing up even when the summer begins? Sure, having a perfectly matching outfit, like something cute from Audimas store, helps you get in the right mood. But you probably don’t want to spend 15 minutes waiting around for every single piece of equipment.

Ultimately, it goes beyond just having a place to workout: between the balance of the cost and the energy of the place, from the moment you enter a fitness club you want to feel welcomed and surrounded by people who are professional at what they do.

With that said, the reality is, a single gym rarely fits it all.  So we present you with our 3 favourite gyms in Vilnius so that you know where to lift.

Get Fit (Delfi Sporto Centras)

Part of Delfi Sport’s centre, Get Fit Academy is a distraction-free and Cross Fit ignited workout mecca. Its Open gym is primarily a functional fitness facility which also offers diverse classes such as Circle and Cross trainings.

Get fit is one of the best gyms in Vilnius

There is something on offer for every level of fitness, but a word of caution—their workout sessions will stretch even the fittest of people’s abilities. The place is also home to personal training sessions and non-CrossFit classes such as Pilates and Yoga. Oh, and before making a monthly commitment, you can try it out once for free.

Get fit cross fit in Vilnius



Address: Ozo g. 14C, LT-08200 Vilnius, Lithuania


Every gym has a different vibe. And FitLife is my favourite in terms of the atmosphere, they are big on maintaining a close-knit community, which always helps you push a little harder. The place itself is a small and cosy spot yet it includes everything you might need to break a sweat.  

Plus, FitLife is in a very convenient location: it’s based right off Mindaugas street. Monthly membership costs 59 euro,  with classes included. There are always multiple trainers in the gym available to help you get the best workout possible. FitLife also offers a well-rounded class schedule, ranging from Tabata to body toning every day.



Address:  Mindaugo g. 14b, LT-03225 Vilnius, Lithuania

what are the best gyms in Vilnius for a workout

Impuls (Vienuolio)

Impuls is a well-known chain of gyms across town; however, this time we’re focusing on a particular branch based right next to the Opera House, called Vienuolio. Whether you’re into fly yoga, x-fit or combat classes, this spot always delivers. On top of awesome classes and a weights area, this Impuls comes with a Finnish sauna as well.

FitLife gym in Vilnius

The fitness centre is also a good pick for those fond of working out in an aesthetically pleasing environment and using modern equipment. It also has some extras such as nice showers and hairdressing areas.

Pilates equipment at FitLife gym in Vilnius



Address: A. Vienuolio g. 4, Vilnius LT-01104, Lithuania

where to lift weights in Vilnius

So before you go off and sign one of those life-long contracts with an unknown gym, do some research, and ask if you can get a free pass to get the feel of the place and its atmosphere.

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