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5 Stores to Make Your Shopping in Vilnius a Treat

Shopping street in the old town of Vilnius

It’s late Saturday morning, you’ve just had a delicious brunch session and now you’re on a mission—to shop your way through Vilnius. The capital is known for its shopping centres and malls, but elbow fighting with the masses and looking for items in endless piles of clothing is not on the agenda. At least not this time. 

If on that rare occasion, roaming stores is taken offline, then the process has to be treated like a ritual. It has to be slow-paced, so you can appreciate what every store has to offer, meaning not only the concept and products but also cosy interiors and displays matter. Of course, coffee pitstops are also non-negotiable. 

When following these criteria, we narrowed down our locale to shopping in Vilnius old town and city centre. Whether it’s time to revamp your home decor, upgrade your wardrobe or simply find some souvenirs, here’s a list of run-by-locals, speciality and boutique-like stores to make your shopping spree a bit more special.

old town streets


Despite being a  shopping center, Gedimino 9 hardly resembles one as it hosts fewer shops and has a different feel to it. No wonder Locals has a cute base there too, which can easily be your one-stop-shop.

The store is home to various, carefully-selected Lithuanian designer items. At Locals, one can find everything from jewellery and interior accessories to some fashionable clothing. Tip: the store is also my go-to when I’m on a hunt for an interesting souvenir.


This is the only shop that I haven’t been to. Yet. With that said,  I’ve been admiring their clothing lines for quite a while. Especially their coats with a furry collar. So a long-overdue visit is on the agenda. 

Coocoomos clothing shop in Vilnius

Since the brand’s inception, back in 2013, Coocoomos has been prioritising the quality of selected fabrics and elegant style for their pieces. Why do I like it? I believe that in the simplicity lies the true nature of elegance, and the brand embodies that.

Chic and classy Lithuanian store, Coocoomos.

Linen Tales

The first time I heard about Linen Tales was a little over a year ago when I was researching charming stays and best hotels in Vilnius, and I came across their little Secret Garden Boutique.

The lovely host, Alina, while showing me around the place mentioned that every single sheet is made out of linen, produced by Linen Tales. Since then I was hooked. At the shop, you can find almost everything imaginable for your home, from tea towels and tablecloths to kitchen aprons.

Bali Wood

Bali Wood is for those who are after more heavy-weight items, quite literally. The furniture shop, as the name suggests, brings Bali-inspired household goods into reality. So if you’re looking to add some character to your place, the shop has more than enough rare pieces to complement your room.

Furniture store in Vilnius, Bali wood

Conveniently situated on Mindaugas street, Bali Wood invites you to explore its assortment ranging from mirrors, chairs and even hammocks (!). And to infuse your shopping session with some caffeine, they also share the space with a café.

Exotic furniture store in Vilnius

Moustache Boutique

If you prefer limited editions and more unique or edgy style, you came to the right store. Located on Bernardinu street, Moustache Boutique has a primary focus on fashion, including wardrobe items and statement pieces of all sorts. 

The boutique offers both foreign and locally-discovered brands and designers. Here you can also expect undivided attention and handpicked collections, so if your plan is to buy just a blouse, you’re very likely to find a full-on irresistible outfit.

Clothing store Moustache Boutique in Vilnius

Would you like to recommend your favourite shop? 🛍 Share the name with the link to the website in the comments below.

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