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The Knotty Ones: Making the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time

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It’s hard to think of a better example of a purpose-driven Lithuanian clothing brand than the Knotty Ones. The company took the challenge of creating trendy knitwear with a sustainable approach. Best of all, the Knotty Ones put their knitters, employed from remote Lithuanian locations, at the centre and front of their brand.

Knit jumper the knotty ones

The Knotty Ones was established by three ladies: Akvilė, Sandra and Danutė in the autumn of 2014. But enough of me bragging on, let’s hear what the creators themselves have to say about the company’s journey.

VP: What’s the story behind the Knotty Ones?

The thought of launching our own business originated when we got back from our travels in Asia. While being there, we noticed how well local people have integrated the skills that originated from traditional crafts to meet the needs of the present-day customer. Contrastingly, Asia is also the place where the harmful traces of fast-fashion are the most evident.

When we got back, we realised that Lithuanians also have a unique yet often undervalued craft—knitting. The idea was born out of a desire to help revive the craft of knitting by making it contemporary and attractive to young, modern women. At the same time, we wanted to retain the traditions and subtleties of knitting by hand.

the knotty ones cardigan

Another significant piece of the puzzle was to contribute to cherishing and creating a more sustainable version of fashion in Lithuania, and abroad as the majority of our production is exported. We never, even for one moment, considered mass production.

To convert our idea into reality, we needed the input of people who have carried on the tradition of knitting, and who are artisans and ambassadors of their craft—those who knit to perfection and are very passionate about it.

Women who knit sweaters and cardigans for The Knotty Ones

The company’s name was chosen because of its playfulness. The pronunciation of the word knotty sounds very much like naughty, which perfectly captures the character and vibe of our brand and team: a little mischievous and slightly crazy.

the knotty ones creators

VP: Tell us a bit more about your knitwear collection

The assortment mainly consists of handmade jumpers, knitted using natural fibres such as cotton, linen or alpaca and merino wool. The style is all about neat aesthetics combined with minimalism, Lithuanian traditions and the classical touch.

Beautiful elderly model

We create jumpers for women and kids, as well as accessories, and we’re about to launch linen socks and tops. In addition to our handmade line, we also have a series of items produced by machine, so we can offer our clients thinly knit pieces.

VP: What accomplishment you are feeling most proud of?

We’re happy and proud that we’re able to give work to our knitters. Our knitters inspire us to grow and improve every single day. Also, just recently we started new campaign Svajonių pildymas (make a dream come true) where we asked what the dreams of all our knitters are.

Now when people buy our clothing, they can also choose an option to add from 10 to 20 Euros which goes directly to the dream-fulfilment fund. Since our customers have been so proactive, soon enough we’ll be able to start fulfilling the dreams, such as a trip to Italy, a driving course, and English language classes.

VP: What entails the creative process and what inspires it?

The process is hard to put into words as every time it’s different. Sometimes it’s as simple as a spontaneous thought popping to one of our heads: I’d like to create, say, a blouse. Other times, the process is way more multifaceted as it involves all of our team getting together and brainstorming about what our new cardigan will look like.

Knotty ones knitwear

The rest of our creativity goes into other activities such as organising photoshoots (including concept creation, locations, and so on), product descriptions, sales strategies, and the like. So pretty much every step is infused with creativity.

VP: Let’s talk trends—what are your summer and spring recommendations?

We advise that you wouldn’t chase the latest fashion trends and instead, purchase items which you’ll want to wear during countless summers to come. For that, classic pieces are the best. However, they have to be with a twist or statement detail.

knotty ones cardigan

Always go for natural fibres, so it’s not only better for your skin but it feels pleasant too. Summer is the perfect time to wear linen or eco-cotton. We also recommend getting several brighter pieces of clothing or accessories and have a base of neutral-coloured ones so that is easy to mix and match your wardrobe.

VP: What a first-time buyer can expect when shopping at the Knotty Ones?

You can expect not to find any synthetic material whatsoever. As our online store is dominated by handmade pieces, made using natural-fabric that are seasonless, their value doesn’t diminish, so you won’t see them on sale in a few months at half price. When purchasing our pieces, buyers will also find information such as who produced the item and how much time the process took.

VP: How would you describe the woman who wears your clothes?

She’s undoubtedly one word: cool, and yet she’s also caring. She cares not only about her appearance, but also about what’s happening around her. So through conscious clothing, she expresses her values, which have nothing to do with blindly chasing trends.

Lithuanian clothing brand

VP: Where can we find you in the digital sphere?

You can find us at our online store the Knotty Ones, and we’re equally as active across social media, especially Instagram and Facebook.

VP: Thanks to the lovely ladies running the naughtiest knitwear brand out there for such an inspiring interview! 💖

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