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10 Lithuanian Fashion Brands Your Wardrobe Needs

Shopping in Vilnius

Spring is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Due to the pandemic, your inner shopaholic is probably craving a trip to the shops,  to try on the garments and see what’s trending this season. It’s no surprise, especially when Vilnius has so many of those teeny tiny cute stores spread around the city centre.

But since we can’t go on a physical shopping spree, I created a list of 10 Lithuanian fashion brands that are well worth your attention. Most of them are made locally, use natural materials and promote sustainability. Whether it’s a skirt or bag, they will make any outfit complete. Lucky for us, during this time, these shops are available for some online retail therapy. 

Here’s my personal guide to the must-know names in local fashion today:

Robi Agnes

What started as a shared vision between two friends, took shape to become Robi Agnes. With Roberta, one of the original co-founders, who remains behind the company’s wheel, the shop operates for six years and counting.

Robi Agnes outfit Lithuanian retail brand

The brand aspires to create stylish and universal knitwear and clearly succeeds at doing so.  All sweaters are made of high-quality yarns, with a focus on sustainability. You can also find a variety of other clothing pieces suitable for men and children.  

Robi Agnes clothing


Tashe Tashe

For Lithuanian non-speakers, tashe means handbag yet the name has a dash of slang, boldness and informality. In my eyes, the word perfectly sums up what the brand does. 

Handbags by Tashe tashe
Products by Tashe Tashe

Since 2011, Tashe Tashe produces natural leather and handmade purses, handbags and backpacks for both men and women. Throughout the decade, it’s become a well-known and acclaimed brand, recognized for its quality and minimalist style.


Más 924

Más 924 concept stands out as the shop not only includes items for purchase but also has a studio creating custom dresses for bridal, occasion and individual orders. With famous local influencer Monika Kazakevičiūtė-Kriščiūnienė at its front, she’s turning the brand into a fashion powerhouse

The online store has a unisex taste to it with earthy colours dominating the palette. For those who seek comfy yet trendy wear for every day or have a special occasion coming up, it’s the website you want to check out first.


The Knotty Ones

The Knotty Ones have a soft spot in my heart ever since I came across them a few years ago. For one, they have next-level knitwear designs. Second, for production, they recruit knitters from remote Lithuanian areas. Talking about a sustainable approach to clothing and business, the Knotty Ones nail both. 

Knotty ones sweaters

Their assortment focuses on handmade jumpers, made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen or alpaca and merino wool. The aesthetics feel ageless and give off a slightly Scandinavian vibe. The founders beautifully encapsulated their concept describing it as a combination of minimalism, Lithuanian traditions with a classical touch.

Lithuanian Fashion Brand the Knotty Ones



Subtle, romantic and minimal — Egzotique embodies all three words. The creative studio produces handmade female lingerie, loungewear and wedding looks. Most of their products are limited edition made out of carefully selected Italian, French, and Japanese textures and laces. Created with an intention for women to feel chic and unique.

Egzotique underwear
Egzotique outfits

Known for its incredibly comfortable seamless lace and mesh designs, Egzotique was born 7 years ago out of a passion to create, explore and sew what the founders couldn’t find for themselves. A lot of attention is paid to details and individuality, so the underwear will be tailored to your specific measurements.


Dear Freedom

Dear Freedom is a Lithuanian designer brand whose name reflects an opening line of a letter to someone you love. Founded by two great friends, Kristina and Rasa, who desire to change the way fashion speaks. From tracksuits to coats, their e-shop offers dozens of original, edgy and modern models.

With an intention to reflect heart and soul coherence, the production is fair and sweatshop-free. Everything is ethically cut and stitched locally in Lithuania by the family-run garment factory itself.



For me, one adjective comes to mind when I think about Undress — glamorous. Somewhat mysterious, too. With monochromatic tones and statement-making pieces, you’re certain to recognize their design if you see them on the street or at a party (more likely, the second option). 

Undress Lithuanian fashion brand
Photos courtesy of Gertrūda Varnaitė

Founded and designed by Ana Savicka, her designs are the intersections of function, simplicity and timelessness. Rounded off with a bold palette that speaks more than it listens, and the results are dresses that embody the spirit of confidence. All of the brand’s collections are distinct and simple but widely feminine.



The name speaks for itself. Linenfox creates long-lasting and sustainable pieces for women made from 100% natural linen that is locally sourced in Lithuania. From earth-friendly packages to fabric waste reduction, the company’s attention to durability, comfort and an environmentally friendly focus is praise-worthy.

Linenfoxes’ offerings are something I want to wear when I stay in Nida this summer. Loaded with vibrancy, dresses like that can only come from living in sync with nature and knowing the nuances of linen inside out.



Not too long ago, the handbag brand Distyled entered the market. Despite being a young company, they stormed in with strong values of organic, vegan, fair and sustainable production. All made locally and in small quantities. Meant to be a part of your everyday life, their signature quilted straps are a must-have item for a city dweller and will spice up your game, if you’re into city chic looks.

Lithuanian Distyled bags



A family of four are behind OffOn. Inspired by everyday living, instead of mass production the brand specialises in individual orders. I adore the phrase: clothing made with hands and hearts for girls and women. From adapting every piece to your size to cultivating slow fashion, the shop’s selection is full of colourful pieces honouring freedom and femininity.


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