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The Queen-themed Beautiful Christmas Tree in Vilnius

Queen Chirstmas tree in Vilnius

Another year, another beautiful Christmas tree in Vilnius. In fact two, because the lush green beauty located in front of the town hall is not any less impressive. 

Photos courtesy of Lukas Juzenas

It’s not unusual to hear a discussion among fans of winter festivities revolving around: which city has the best Christmas market and most dazzling tree? I tend to avoid these debates because I’m very partial. Vilnius always has my vote. 

Even though Vilnius might not necessarily be considered as a top destination, the city has definitely been making a notable effort for the past several years. 

From stunningly lit ornaments to small wooden houses, offering handmade crafts, mulled wine and sweet treats, altogether this makes the anticipation of Christmas a little bit more special and cosy every single winter. 

I have to confess though, I do like the tree from a few years back better, but this year’s Chess-themed Christmas tree certainly deserves international praise. The Queen figure in a chessboard game is the primary figure, similarly, the tree on the Cathedral square resembles one and is the epicentre of the small but cosy festive market.

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