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20 Best Places for a Delightful Brunch in Vilnius

delicious brunch dish

Am I the only one who starts her Sunday with a question in mind—what are the best spots for brunch near me? I hope not. And with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best brunch places in Vilnius for like-minded fellow foodies. 

From eggs benedict cooked to perfection and countless mimosas to freshly roasted coffee and endless conversations with your loved ones, no weekend is complete without a delicious brunch session.

To make sure you end up eating somewhere tasty while you’re in town, here’s a collection of my top 20 spots.

Panama Garden

This restaurant in Žvėrynas serves an epic Sunday feast; with a special menu for breakfast and brunch, its must-try item are glorious sweet potato waffles. And the food is only a part of the appeal as the eatery is located in a venue like no other—a greenhouse. 

A fireplace, string lights, and green plants make up the cosy atmosphere. Oh, and you can also sit outside or at the indoor venue, so it gives you plenty of options to choose from. You’ll probably have to queue for a table on a weekend, but it’ll be well worth it.


Beautifully-designed and newly-opened, Moss pleasantly surprises me every single time. Their menu includes a variety of egg-based options and other dishes such as these tiny cottage cheese pancakes that are oh-my-oh-my tasty!

Brunch at Moss cafe in Vilnius

Like that wouldn’t be enough, their staff is beyond welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable which makes it a rare combination. And if you’re staying at Somnia apartments, you’ll be spoiled each morning as the restaurant is located in the same building.

Somnia apartments in Vilnius


If we’d have to rank the most Instagrammed venue, Sugamour has to be it. Located centrally, right on Vokiečių street, the eatery seasonally decorates its front façade, which makes it a nice pitstop to take a stunning snap or two. 

Entrance to Sugamour desert cafe

Of course, that’s not the only reason why Sugamour has become so popular among locals. Originally known for its polished deserts, the place serves a comprehensive brunch menu, and the best part—it’s open and available until late. 

Selection of desserts at Sugamour


Gaspar’s has firmly withstood its ground among my all-time favourite restaurants in Vilnius. They have managed to remain original and all their dishes are with a twist, so it turns out to be a celebration of unpredictable flavours. 

Gaspars brunch dish

And brunch dishes are no exception. Forget traditional English breakfast, you have to try it the Gaspar’s way. The meal is served with confit tomatoes, mushrooms, green beans and homemade spicy Goan sausage.

Café Montmartre

This place has such a charming French-vibe to it, and like that wouldn’t be enough, they make legendary mimosas as well. Whenever the weather gets slightly warmer, the seating outside is great not only for people watching but also for admiring the stunning old town architecture. 

Cafe Montmartre in Vilnius

When you’re there, you have to try the French breakfast, there’s simply no other way about it. Or give a try to my personal favourite — Oeufs Bénédicte.

Tasty brunch in Vilnius

12 Istorijų

Dad and I have a tradition to go for brunch on certain occasions and 12 Istorijų has become our go-to spot. Naturally, 12 Istorijų holds a special place in my heart. 

Not that long ago, they’ve changed their location to even a cosier one.
Whether it’s breakfast or brunch, 12 Istorijų offers both light and hearty options to choose from. If you ask me, you can’t really go wrong with an omelette that’s topped up with goat’s cheese, spinach and tomatoes.

Backstage Café

Trendy loft-type interior? Check. Amicable staff? Check. An overall don’t want to leave vibe? Check. The only way to up their game was to start offering food. So they did. The coffee here is roasted in-house, so a cup of java with your meal is a must.

Backstage cafe in Vilnius

What you eat at Backstage Café will depend on how gluttonous you’re feeling. Be aware, the food not only looks good—trust me when I say that it tastes even better. Check out their Facebook for updates for brunch offers and menu updates.

Backstage cafe interior in Vilnius


With its modern and polished looks, Stebuklai is a hangout for A-listers. Head over to this eatery where they’ll be serving up a phenomenal brunch every single weekend, without exception. 

Luxury restaurant in vilnius

If I feel like a glass of champagne and indulging in ricotta cheese pancakes, this is where you can find me. If you have room for pudding, their pistachio cheesecake is always a good choice.

ricotta cheese pancakes at Stebuklai

The Town Steakhouse

Are you a meat lover? Then look no further. Another mandatory prerequisite—come hungry. With dishes such as Town Steak Benedict that consists of beef medallions on toast, poached eggs, bacon and more, it is worth the wait. 

Eggs benedict at the Town House

It’s not all eggs and meat though: you can also find hot buckwheat cereal and layered locally made granola. Don’t forget to make a reservation at the Town Steakhouse as the place is often packed on a weekend.

Interior of the restaurant town steakhouse in Vilnus

St. Germain

Only minutes away from St. Ann’s Church, St. Germain invites you for a classy breakfast. When sitting outdoors, hidden away in the backstreets of the old town and away from the crowded city, creates a more private and exquisite experience for your brunch session.

Even though St. Germain is a laidback spot, due to its service, décor, food and beverage selection it effortlessly leans towards the finer and fancier of places on this list. You feel like you could stay there all day. If you do, finish your brunch with a melt-in-your-mouth version of the popular chilled Italian-style Tiramisu.


It’s no surprise that Pinavija has made it to the list. From being a child-friendly place to having some of the best bakes and pastries in town, the café also consistently attracts brunch fans. 

Bruch at Pinavija bakery in Vilnius

Whenever I go there, I find it difficult to decide what I want to eat as the menu includes options such as pancakes with spread duck, cheese and caramelised onions, and Croque madame with yummy filling and free-range organic eggs.


Vilnius street is famous for nightly festivities, and only a place or two can satisfy that picky foodie in you. Bardakas is one of them as it’s not only a hotspot for never-ending parties but also for its limitless food supplies during their breakfast buffet on Sundays. 

Bardakas buffet brunch in Vilnius

Why do I like buffets? Because there’s always something for everyone. Have I also mentioned that for 12 Euro you get “unlimited everything”? I guess I’ll meet you there then.

Buffet brunch selection


Another visually-appealing and popular brunch hub among Instagrammers is  DLYPSN. This quaint haven is a bit further out of the city centre, and that’s why it has become my escape from the bustling city centre of Vilnius.

It’s no secret that the real attraction at this breakfast club is the simple yet carefully crafted brunch menu. In need of a recommendation? Go for an avocado toast accompanied by salmon and scrambled eggs or a spirulina bowl topped up with peanut butter. One word: yum!

Kavos Era

People come here for the coffee and stay for the brunch menu. Personally, workdays are my favourite time to visit this brunchery. With several other locations scattered across the city, Kavos Era on Savanorių street is my typical choice. 

There’s something for everyone on the menu: a tempting array of salads, baked goods, toasts, pastries and egg variations. For something sweeter, Belgian waffles with maple syrup come highly recommended.


When someone mentions Kablys, also known as Saulės Jegainė, right away I think of cultural events, underground parties and, of course, late and appetizing brunch. Those who start their Sundays late will appreciate the eatery being opened until late afternoon most weekends. The menu features a mixture.

Interior at Kablys in Vilnius

Step into this resto-bar, you’ll immediately get a feel of its urban energy. If you don’t feel like dressing up and ironing your dress but you still want some quality food, the location provides you exactly with that. Friendly prices and staff come as a substantial bonus.


Taking a stroll through one of the artsiest and charming streets in Vilnius—Literatų—then getting a fresh bagel, what else could one want on a slow-paced weekend afternoon? As a dedicated carb lover, I’m always on the hunt for the tastiest sandwich alternatives, so there was no way I could avoid Beigelistai

Baigelistai cafe on literatu street in vilnius

You won’t find your typical English breakfast or eggs benedict here. And yet, there’s no doubt that the duo of a coffee and a bagel with pulled beef and mayo-mustard sauce at Beigelistai have continuously saved many hangover souls on any given Sunday morning.

Bagels at beigalistai in vilnius


The vegan revolution hasn’t overpassed Vilnius and Rosehip is an obvious proof. Whatever you’re searching for, this vegan restaurant delivers. Think pulled jackfruit and tofu burgers, sweet potato fries and pink hummus—is your tummy rumbling yet? 

A vegan brunch spot in Vilnius

All the delicious plant-based food is made from scratch and served at a cute, hip and pink-coloured setting. While sipping on your beetroot latte, you’ll probably take at least a snap or two.

Desertinė Atostogos

Next to the quaint Čiurlionis street, lies Desertinė Atostogos. The name suggests that it is a dedicated haunt for desserts, but it offers so much more. The space is bright, with lots of pale colours and comfy seating which makes it ideal for any occasion. 

Tuck into curd pancakes with fresh berries, or a crunchy avocado toast, or both, depending on how hungry you are. Brunch can be the perfect excuse to eat twice as much⁠—it’s like breakfast and lunch combined in one.

Uptown Bazaar

The food hall located on Kaunas street⁠—Uptown Bazaar is a place that spoils you for choice. With dozens of restaurant stands to choose from, the hall draws in the crowds with their care-free and lively atmosphere. 

If you like to mix and match different dishes, Uptown Bazaar is perfect for that. There you can find oysters, pizza, ice cream, and everything in between for brunch lovers with distinctive tastes.

 Paupio 12

When considering recommendations, this restaurant in Užupis came up more times than I can count. If you’re looking for a classy and delicious brunch in Vilnius, Paupio 12 must be it. I won’t lie, those buckwheat and curd pancakes with raspberry and greek yoghurt sauce sound heavenly.

This is the only spot I haven’t personally been to yet. We do have a booking for this week, so I’ll keep you updated on how it went.

But until then, happy brunchin’ everyone!

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