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5 of the Best Child-friendly Cafes in Vilnius

cafes in vilnius with children playground

There has been a growing number of little ones among my family and friends. Every time we’re planning a get-together, we keep trying to answer the same question: what are some of the best child-friendly cafés in Vilnius?

From safe and fun playgrounds for children keeping them entertained to a cosy environment, there are quite a few factors that have to be considered. Oh, and tasty food goes without saying. 

This time, we share a list of our favourite spots to eat out so that whether it’s a play date or family brunch, you have options to choose from.


Those with a sweet tooth among us will know Pinavija situated on Gediminas Avenue pretty well already. The café has an updated menu, so now they not only have unforgettably delicious cakes and pastries but various brunch-type of dishes as well.

It’s a convenient option for parents as they can enjoy having a coffee while also being able to watch their children play in the same room. In case you like to sit outside, you can grab one of the charming seats that are right on the avenue. 

Casa La Familia

Situated a few minutes away from the town hall, Casa La Familia invites everyone to try out a menu filled with items that are home-made and vegetarian-friendly. Pizza lovers will find quite a few yummy and original options to satisfy your rumbling tummies.

There’s a separate area dedicated to kids with a castle tower-like slide. When my 2-year old niece entered the room, her instant reaction was ⁠—“Wooow”. So I’ll just leave you at that.


This Italian-cuisine oriented restaurant chain is not only well known abroad, but also here in Lithuania too. Everything is made using fresh ingredients, and because of their open-kitchen concept, you get to see how everything is being cooked.

Vapiano in Vilnius is located at the Europa shopping mall, which has a relaxing vibe to it, heaps of space to move around and a cute corner for your kids.

Rieke Bistro

A welcoming and home-like restaurant, offering daily specials, with a roomy area for children sounds like the right amount of everything if you ask us. Those who prefer smaller and cosy restaurants, Rieke Bistro is going to appear on your go-to list as it only has 7 tables inside, a fireplace and uncomplicated yet delicious menu. The smallest ones among you will certainly appreciate the wooden swings, the fountain, sandbox and toys available for everyone.


Whenever the sun is out, Veranda is the perfect place to spend a warm summer evening. You can choose from an indoor corner and a lush green space outside suitable for your kids to play. There are toddler high chairs, baby-changing facilities, and a children’s menu. As the restaurant is located in the midst of Žvėrynas, this makes it a great option if you want to perk up the environment and visit other neighbourhoods.

Do you have more suggestions suitable for children? Let us know in the comments below, so we can keep the list up-to-date.

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