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This Is the Place to be For Vegan Desserts and Fine Tea

I’m pretty sure that it won’t be easy to find a café in Vilnius that’s as colourful and as quirky as Chaika is. From the bright-coloured interior, retro sounds and unique decorations to a pretty uncommon yet extensive selection of original teas, hot drinks, vegan desserts and snacks—everything makes you want to stay a little longer. Oh, and the food simply screams one word: yummers

Chaika vegan tearoom in Vilnius
Cute cafe in Vilnius

Interior of Chaika cafe in Vilnius
Photos courtesy of Lukas Juzenas

VP: What’s the story behind Chaika?

Adomas: I established Chaika with my wife who had worked in a tea and spice shop for years and has accumulated a wealth of ideas and knowledge on the subject of hot beverages.

So when we found the premises on Totoriu street, that magical little wooden house, we instantly knew that it was going to be a place dedicated to teas and spices. After some contemplation, we decided to stick to the idea of a café. Well, it’s a tea room to be precise. And so it began, we started offering a wide variety of tea mixtures that were still novel in Vilnius.

The interior of Chaika aptly reflects our interests: all things retro. Also, some parts of the original decor have experienced a revival as we have renovated them and added new functionalities. Additional coziness is created with the use of special lighting, groovy music, and bold colours.

Chaika’s retro theme ties in nicely with its name. During the Soviet times, there was a multitude of products called Chaika, from TVs, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners to watches, cars and cameras. This particular name also works well for us as Chai means tea in both Chinese and Russian languages. And it’s only a bonus that Chaika sounds catchy and easy to remember.

Our first ‘baby’ Chaika on Totoriu street opened its door five years ago. Throughout that time, we listened closely to our clients’ needs and wishes, and we simultaneously grew and transformed into what we are now—a café, tea room and vegan bakery. Several months ago, the second Chaika was born under the roof of Paviljonas on Pylimo street.

Inside Chaika cafe in Vilnius

VP: What can a first-time visitor expect from Chaika?

Adomas: Firstly, one can expect a large selection of vegan desserts and snacks, which we make ourselves. Then, of course, we have a great number of teas and their mixes; freshly roasted Crooked Nose coffee and other drinks on offer, all of which are made of all-natural ingredients and spices. And, our visitors are sure to expect a pretty quirky and inviting atmosphere created through great music and a lovable interior.

Blue tea at Chaika in Vilnius
Original blue tea at Chaika

VP: How would you describe Chaika in three words?

Adomas: Vegan desserts, fine tea and retro vibes.

VP: What accomplishment are you feeling most proud of?

Adomas: We’re beyond happy to have our customers’ trust in us and to receive compliments from them when ordering cakes and desserts from Chaika. Also, we are proud of the fact that from pretty much nothing we’ve grown to what we are today.

Lemon cake at Chaika cafe  in Vilnius
Spinach cake at Chaika in Vilnius

VP: What would you recommend as a must-try?

Adomas: Winter is the perfect time for our cocoa with chilli that works well with a dash of hazelnut milk, or why not try a spiced tea: we have Chaika’s CHAI or a sea buckthorn infused tea with raspberries, ginger and chilli. To go with these warming drinks, why not try one of our popular ‘very chocolaty’ or ‘banana-raspberry’ cakes.

VP: Where can we connect with you?

Adomas: We’re present on Facebook and Instagram, and on our website you can see the selection of our cakes and place orders.

VP: We appreciate Chaika’s crew for sharing their story and introducing us to the world of neon blue teas and yummy vegan cakes 😇

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