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5 Last-minute Valentine’s Day Ideas in Vilnius

Boksto spa in vilnius

While some people have planned their Valentine’s day months in advance, the rest either grumble about how commercial it is or book something last minute. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Vilnius this year? From a loved-themed movie to an exquisite spa experience, here’s our pick of the best romantic events and activities for February 14th, 2023.

Bokšto Spa

If you’re flexible and can start celebrating V-day early, Bokšto Spa is a choice that will not disappoint you. Escape the old town crowds and head to the wellness centre to fully immerse yourself in the state-of-the-art spa. Robe up and roam around the lounge area, alternating between the pool and sauna, followed by a beauty treatment. Afterwards, an increased level of relaxation is guaranteed.

Saulės Kliošas Concert

It’s no secret that Tamsta is one of the cosiest spots in town when it comes to live music venues. Saulės Kliošas and their music always immerse you in a romantic, soft and high-vibe atmosphere. So if you’re a music lover, getting tickets to this concert might be just the right way to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Saules kliosas concert at Tamsta live music venue

Fingers Crossed

Vilnius does have a pretty great selection of beauty salons, especially having in mind the size of the city. This time, Fingers Crossed is on our radar. The unisex nail studio based in Užupis invites you for a couple’s manicure. Let’s not underestimate how good polished nails feel after a visit to a professional nail salon.

A blind date with Pasaka 

Watching romantic movies is a frequent choice for a date, and understandably so, the dim lights, shared experience and some visual and intellectual stimulus. This will be the first encounter with the film that’s part of the repertoire of this year’s festival. The film will be revealed only after the audience is comfortably seated in the cinema hall chair, so you’re in for a blind date.

Dinner at Love Bar

I said it once before, and I will say it for the second time: the name of the bar speaks for itself. Just for this Valentine’s day, Love Bar has come up with a specially-themed dinner concept. Make sure to book it in advance as it’s a rare occasion, and they have limited seating. 

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